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Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatments

Bamboo alternative

Full body (front and back) relaxation massage with bamboo

The use of vegetal elements establishes a natural energy contact, optimizing therapeutic results. This therapy enables the creation of an extremely positive atmosphere, always directed towards the goals of a draining, toning and relaxing therapy.

60min. 85€

Japanese Seitai

It has the purpose to reduce muscle tension, correcting postural and functional distortions

Japanese massage performed on the floor. The focus is to unlock and rebalance the body by reducing muscle tension and correcting postural and functional distortions based on stretching technique

60min. - 90min  | 85€ - 110€

Azorveda Ritual

Joins the traditional Indian massage with Yoga Asanas, the art of body alignment and Azores signature natural oils and essences.

Very dynamic massage for full relaxation, muscle decompression and posture improvement, bringing body awareness and unlocking old patterns of emotional tension.

60min. -  90min. | 85€ - 110€

Eco Thai

Thai healing therapy that uses massage techniques to achieve body balance

Based on body movements that involves twisting, compression and stretching, thereby freeing up points where vital energy is blocked.

60min. 90min.

60min. - 90min. | 85€ - 110€