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Signature Rituals

Signature Rituals

Salt detox

Relaxation massage with exfoliation

This ritual provides a body detox, with the ability to re-establish the necessary balance for our daily lives promoting a general well-being feeling. We complement the massage with salt flower from Portuguese salt flats, a raw material of excellence that presents a high degree of purity, capable of restoring the levels of mineral salts necessary for a healthy active life.

75min. 110€

Geo Bliss

Back & front relaxation massage with body exfoliation using thermal stones, crystals and sand

Using various geological materials such as rocks, sands, muds and crystals, geo-therapy provides the positive energy you need, ensuring a regulating and balancing treatment.

75min. 85€

Azorean Essence

Full body (front or back) relaxation massage with aromatic Pindas Sweda

Using the secular process of aromatic herbs usage for therapeutic purposes (lemon balm, Maria Luisa, prince herb, fennel, sage, rosemary, mint), benefiting from the unique qualities that awaken a feeling of deep relaxation with physical and mental balance.

60min. 110€

Volcanic Indulgence

Full body (front or back) relaxation massage with hot geothermal stones

The geothermal activity of the island enriches our rocks with unique body and mind revitalization properties. The therapist uses these stones as an extension of his hands for a total muscle relaxation.

75min. 110€

Couple Balance

Full body (front and back) relaxation massage with candle (may also be individual)

Couple massage performed by two experienced therapists in order to provide an unforgettable moment of complicity.

60min. 220€